A vintage shop, goddesses and the forces of financing are among the focuses for the six projects selected for the upcoming DocCeleratorStory. This selection marks the first edition of the DocCeleratorStory workshop, recently introduced as part of Paradiddle Pictures’ expansion of the online documentary workshop program DocCelerator.


The projects selected for this first edition of DocCeleratorStory spans a great diversity not only in themes, but also in terms of filmic approaches, gender and geographic representations of Europe. The projects and teams selected are:

Depot Vente Director Cherine Karam. Producer Clara Harris, Sisyfos Film, Sweden

Villages of Light Director Margit Lillak. Producer Volia Chajkouskaya, Allfilm, Estonia

And Tomorrow, The Whole World Director Wederik De Backer. Producer Maarten Bernaerts, Diplodokus, Belgium

Searching for Goddess Director Lina Plioplytė. Producer Andrėja Čebatavičiūtė, Moonmakers, Lithuania

Untitled 377 Documentary Director & Producer Koen Suidgeest, Kan Koen Media, The Netherlands

The Financing Curse Directors Leo David Hyde & Nick Shaxson. Pip Films, UK.


This first edition of DocCeleratorStory is taking place on March 8-9 as an online video conference. During these two intensive workshop days, the selected documentary makers will get a more focused story and a clearer dramaturgical structure for their project in development.


The workshop is part of the DocCelerator workshop series, that consists of four different stand-alone documentary workshops formats. Each one is providing detailed input to documentary makers, at different stages of project development and production.


The essence of each DocCelerator workshop is, that it will save participants many resources and much money. Getting a more focused narrative structure, will save hours of recordings not fitting to the film and many days of expensive editing. The essence of DocCelerator is to invest in the development in order to save on the production. The workshop is run by Geoffrey Smith and Ove Rishøj Jensen.


Here you can read more about DocCelerator.

Photo from The Financing Curse directed by Leo David Hyde & Nick Shaxson. Pip Films, UK.

Photo from Depot Vente by Director Cherin Karam. Producer Clara Harris, Sisyfos Film. 



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DocCelerator is a series of four different online documentary workshops covering specific needs during documentary making.