Documentary Scripts


Paradiddle Pictures offers workshops and seminars focusing on the creative process of writing a documentary script.

The focus on script writing can be formatted as:

  • a short lecture
  • a seminar
  • a project based workshop, where participants develop their own scripts
  • a tailor made program including several of the above elements.

Writing a documentary script brings clarity and direction to a documentary idea. But many documentary directors find it difficult to shape a documentary script. It can be difficult to find the right balance between the controlled story universe of a written script and the open process of real life events unfolding in unexpected matters.

This workshop/seminar will focus on using the script as a useful structural tool without loosing the essence of the real life documentary drama. We will look at methods and tools for script writing and how this process can make your documentary a better film, created with a more clarity and a stronger sense of direction for the dramatic potential of your story.

Ove Rishøj Jensen currently serves as lead tutor for the international documentary script program Script2Film offered by MFI - Mediterranean Film Institute.

The focus on documentary script writing is also available as an individual consultation and mentorship service.

To request a seminar or workshop focusing on writing documentary scripts, please write an email to workwithus @



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