Geoffrey Smith, director and documentary coach. 

Ove Rishøj Jensen, producer and documentary consultant. 

DocCelerator is an online documentary script and development program aimed at documentary makers looking for a clearer dramaturgical structure and more focused production process for their next project in development. The next opportunity to take place in DocCelerator is January 11-12, 2021. Deadline to apply is December 21 at noon. 


As a participant in DocCelerator you get detailed feedback on your current project in development as well as tools and methods for structuring your documentary story. These tools include how to build stronger character development, define more solid narrative arcs and structure the dramatic development of your film.


Besides generating creative input, DocCelerator will save selected participants many hours of working and much money in production expenses. With a more focused narrative structure, it can save hours of recordings not fitting to the film and many days of expensive editing. The essence of DocCelerator is to invest in the development in order to save on the production.


The two-day workshop will consist of a number of plenary sessions, where the participants get comprehensive feedback on their projects. It will also include a number of exercises that the tutors provide to the participants, in order to make their documentary script advance in a more focused way. After the workshop the participants will get individual follow up on their projects as they progress with the story development.


The DocCelerator program is for six selected filmmakers or teams with a project currently in development. It consists of a two-day online workshop and follow up mentorship. The DocCelerator workshop is run by Geoffrey Smith and Ove Rishøj Jensen.


During the two working days of DocCelerator, you will as a participant join a number of online plenary sessions. Here you will have script writing methods introduced and receive feedback on your project. In addition you will also work with concrete writing assignments accelerating a focused story development.  


Dates for the next edition of the two-day online workshop are January 11-12, 2021. Deadline to apply is December 21, 2020 at noon (Central European Time). Participants, either as a single filmmaker or as at team, pay 450,00 Euro to participate with a project in development. The participation fee includes the two workshop days as well as follow up feedback on the project development.


In order to apply for DocCelerator, please send your project presentation including:

  • Synopsis – around half a page
  • Treatment and early reflections on the narrative – around a full page
  • A link to selected scenes, character taster or other visual material available
  • An estimated time frame and total budget sum for the making of the film
  • Contact details on the director and producer.


You send your application to


If you need further information or have questions before applying, please contact



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