The DocCelerator workshop series provides documentary makers with two deadlines in the coming weeks. Depending on the status of your current project you can either apply for DocCeleratorCapture or DocCeleratorRoughCut.


DocCelerator is a series of stand-alone online documentary workshops. Each one is covering specific needs, at different stages of project development and production. During April there are deadlines for two of the workshops, covering the needs of projects at different stages.


DocCeleratorCapture is for projects in late development, pre-production or early recording stages. It is aimed at you, if you are a documentary maker wanting a better grip of the recording of your next film and input to lifting the filmic expression of your project.


As a participant in DocCeleratorCapture you get:

  • feedback on defining and outlining key stylistic elements
  • approaches to creating a stronger filmic expression
  • tools for setting up interviews and character moments
  • methods for building visual dynamics in scenes and sequences.


DocCeleratorCapture takes place online on May 06-07, 2021. Deadline to apply is April 12, 2021. Here you can read how to apply for DocCeleratorCapture.

DocCeleratorRoughCut is an online editing and distribution workshop for documentary makers looking for input to your rough cut and distribution plan. The workshop will help you define the structural narrative of your rough cut and create the right strategy for festival distribution and international sales.


As a participant in DocCeleratorRoughCut you get:

  • detailed feedback on your rough cut or assembled material
  • input to building a stronger emotional development
  • methods for festival distribution strategies
  • suggestions and contacts to potential international sales.


The next opportunity to take place in DocCeleratorRoughCut is May 10-11, 2021. Deadline to apply is April 21, 2021. Here you can read how to apply for DocCeleratorRoughCut.



Get individual consultation or a tailor made mentorship process for your next documentary project.


Get the rigth content for your documentary initiative in terms of writing, programming and moderation.


Reach out if you are looking for a partner, producer, fundraiser or co-producer for your next documentary film or media production.