Paradiddle Pictures launching


Paradiddle Pictures launching with wide range of documentary industry services

Paradiddle Pictures is a new company offering documentary training, guidance, content and partnership. The company is based in Copenhagen, but operates with partners and collaborators around the world.

Among the services offered by Paradiddle Pictures are documentary workshops and seminars. This include both a list of existing formats like script writing, project development and distribution strategies, but also tailor made focuses for specific occasions and needs.

Paradiddle Pictures also provide individual consultation and mentorship processes, covering different aspects of the process in developing, producing and distributing documentary film or media. This includes consultation on story development, financing, festival strategies and outreach.

If you are looking for documentary content in forms of writing, curation or moderation, this is also a part of Paradiddle Pictures’ services.

Paradiddle Pictures is centered around Ove Rishøj Jensen, who has worked within the international documentary sector since 2003 as mentor, consultant, producer, curator and outreach manager. The new company is offering a wide range of documentary industry services.



Get individual consultation or a tailor made mentorship process for your next documentary project.


Get the rigth content for your documentary initiative in terms of writing, programming and moderation.


Reach out if you are looking for a partner, producer, fundraiser or co-producer for your next documentary film or media production.