Why Paradiddle

Paradiddle Pictures

What is a paradiddle? And why this name?

Paradiddle Pictures

A paradiddle is one of the most basic patterns used in drumming and percussion. A paradiddle consists of two single strokes followed by a double stroke. When explained in terms of patterns played by the right and left hand it looks like: RLRR or LRLL.

When learning to play drums, it is essential to realize that paradiddles give a different character and dynamic to drumming compared to linear single stroke playing. While the audience likely experience rhythms as straight liniear, the construction behind it is more complex and alternating.

I many ways learning the paradiddle in drumming is similar to learning the characteristics and dynamics of storytelling. It is seldom the straight linear chronological construction of a story that creates the most compelling drama. While the audience likely experience the story as a straight liniear narrative, the construction behind it is often more complex and alternating.

And yes, I have played drums most of my life.

The paradiddle pattern.



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