The dates and deadlines for the Spring 2024 DocCelerator workshop series are now out. DocCelerator is an acclaimed 2-day online workshop that will bring real clarity to your documentary story and enable you to fully realise the dramatic potential in your story. In addition, it will save you money by avoiding needless shooting and unfocused editing.


During the 2-day online DocCelerator workshop, you will as a participant learn a set of tools for structuring documentary stories. They are tools that can use for your current as well as for future projects.

For the Spring 2024 season of DocCelerator, there are two different formats of the workshop available, focusing on either story development or projects that are work in progress. As a documentary maker, you can pick the one that fits best to your current needs. 

The dates for the Spring 2024 DocCelerator workshops are:


Since the launch in May 2020, we have hosted 30 editions of the workshops and more than 300 filmmakers have taken part. Here are some of the reactions that participants have provided:


Thanks to the DocCelerator workshop and your feedback, we reworked entirely our materials. To put it simply: Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Marjolaine Grappe, Director, USA


Thank you so much for this workshop. It brought me to the core of my film and gave me lots of inspiration and motivation!

Director Sien Versteyhe, Lionheart Productions, Belgium

It was excellent! It really opened my eyes to how much can be achieved in a limited amount of time and focus. 

Emma Owen, Producer, Ireland

About DocCelerator

DocCelerator is a series of stand-alone online documentary workshops, providing documentary makers a method for a clearer dramaturgical structure in documentary projects. Besides generating creative input, DocCelerator workshops save participants many hours of working and much money in production expenses. This is achieved through a more focused narrative structure, which saves hours of recordings not fitting to the film and many days of expensive editing. The essence of DocCelerator is to invest in the development in order to save on the production.


Here you can read more about DocCelerator.

This Spring 2024 season of DocCelerator follows the 30 editions of DocCelerator already conducted since the first edition in May 2020. Now more than 300 documentary makers have participated in DocCelerator. 

Here are images from two of the previous projects taking part in DocCelerator: 

Left: Frozen Ocean

Director Viktória Dénes. Producer Julianna Ugrin, Eclipse Film, Hungary.

Right: Suspended

Director Benjamin d’Aoust. Producer Anthony Rey, Hélicotronc SRL, Belgium.



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