Seminar and consultation at Baltic Sea Forum


Talk and consultations at The Baltic Sea Docs in Riga

During the 2019 Baltic Sea Docs pitching forum and industry event, Ove Rishøj Jensen will be present to give a talk about distribution and impact strategies for documentaries.

Entitled “Impact Distribution Strategy for Documentaries” the talk will encourage filmmakers to define the strategic goals for their films, to be inventive in audience engagement and to raise awareness in the society about issues tackled by documentaries.

Based on several case studies, the talk will focus on how to enlarge audiences for your film setting, concrete goals for the film’s impact campaign, defining target groups and finding ways to reach them. The talk will also introduce tools for working on impact strategies and working within the staff & budgetary limits of a documentary film project.

Following the general talk about distribution and impact, documentary creators taking part in Baltic Sea Docs will have the opportunity to receive individual consultation.

The talk about distribution and outreach happens within the a session organized by Creative Europe MEDIA entitled Enlarging Audiences for your Documentaries. It takes place Wednesday, September 4, 13:30 – 17:30 at Monika Centrum Hotel, Main Hall, Elizabetes 21 in Riga.

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Photo from Baltic Sea Docs. Photo by Agnese Zeltiņa.



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