MBrane call for proposals


M:Brane call for proposals aiming at young audiences

Paradiddle Pictures is teaming up with M:brane, the unique meeting place for projects aimed at a young audiences age 3-18. Now you can submit your project for pitching at the forum. Deadline is Thursday, December 5th, 2019.


M:brane is a strictly B2B platform and pitching forum for producers, financiers, buyers, distributors and sales agents working with cinema, tv, documentaries, interactive, VR and immersive storytelling aimed at younger audiences. Around 220 professionals from over 20 countries meet during three intensive days on March 10-12, 2020 in a warm and friendly atmosphere in Malmö.


Paradiddle Pictures is teaming up with M:Brane for the documentary initiative RealYoung and general moderation of the forum.


The call for submissions is now open. This includes a call for real life stories for the 6th edition of RealYoung. It is a 3-step program for the development of six documentary projects aimed at younger audiences. During RealYoung the projects will be develop together with a panel of young tutors. So, join RealYoung to get direct feedback from your target audience, if you dare to hear their direct and honest opinion.

Read more about RealYoung.

Read more about submitting project for M:Brane.

Photo from Kids on the Silk Road - documentary series developed at RealYoung. Director Jens Pedersen. Producer Maria Stevnbak Westergren, Toolbox Film. 



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