Heading to Dox in Vitro


Heading to Dox in Vitro to head the workshop

At the 2019 Dox in Vitro, Ove Rishøj Jensen will once again be Head of Studies for this two-day workshop. It is aimed at young documentary makers making their first production with an international potential.


Dox in Vitro is facilitating newly established documentary creators with an introduction to the mechanisms, structures and expectations of the European and international documentary market. It is a unique opportunity to have a direct feedback on projects and gain valuable input for the further development. 


The talent development workshop was established in 2010 with the intention to help creators explore new visions for making documentaries in the digital age. For this edition eight documentary projects are selected to take part.


Dox in Vitro is organized in connection with the Cinematik Film Festival in the city of Piestany, Slovakia. Ove Rishøj Jensen has served as head of studies for all ten editions of the workshop.


Here you can read more about Dox in Vitro.

Photo from Dox in Vitro.



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