Half price on consultations


Half price on consultations

These days and weeks we are all adopting and changing to the rapid transformations Covid19 is causing. In order to help documenary creators through these difficult times, all Paradiddle Pictures rates for consultation and mentorship services are half priced in March, April and May. 

In the light of the many changes that the corona virus is causing, we need to find new ways of working and keeping our documentary sector running. To help with input and feedback to documentary creators currently in need of changing their strategy or adapting their projects, I am offering a 50% discount on all consultations, mentorships and guidance services.

An individual consultation or mentorship proces can cover different aspects of the process in terms of developing, producing and distributing documentary film and media. This includes aspects of story development, script writing, financing, distribution, outreach, festival strategies, etc.

The special rates on the guidance services from Paradiddle Pictures are running for the remaining month of March as well as in April and May.

Here you can read more about the guidance services provided by Paradiddle Pictures



Get individual consultation or a tailor made mentorship process for your next documentary project.


Get the rigth content for your documentary initiative in terms of writing, programming and moderation.


Reach out if you are looking for a partner, producer, fundraiser or co-producer for your next documentary film or media production.