The DocCelerator workshop series is now running a special American edition fitting to the documentary makers working on an American time zone.

Is there a way to increase the emotional and psychological drama of your documentary story? Is there a way to shoot much less material by having a clearer idea of what is really needed? And is there a way to free yourself from the tyranny of endless choice that afflicts all documentary directors? Yes there is!

DocCeleratorStory is an acclaimed 2-day online workshop that will bring real clarity to your documentary story, enable you to fully realise the dramatic and emotional potential in your ideas. In addition, it will save you money by avoiding needless shooting and unfocused editing. 

Limited to 6 projects so we can give each the attention it deserves, DocCelerator is run by dual Emmy award-winning director Geoffrey Smith and producer & consultant Ove Jensen. 


This special DocCeleratorStory American edition is taking place on: 

April 25-26, 2022 and starts at 9am Pacific Standard Time (US West Coast). On each day the workshop lasts to 4:30pm Pacific Standard Time.


DocCeleratorStory is a 2-day workshop conducted as an online session. It consists of a number of plenary sessions, where story development methods are introduced and applied to the selected projects. Combined with individual feedback session, the workshop provides a comprehensive development process for your project.


We recommend that you take part in DocCeleratorStory as a team of producer and director or as another key creative team of the project. We accept 2-3 participants pr project. The participation fee for this American edition of DocCeleratorStory is USD 650. So with a director, producer, and one other attending, the cost is just over $200 per person.

To celebrate the international documentary community of D-Word and DPA - Documentary Producers Alliance, we offer all D-Word and DPA members a USD 50 discount on the American edition.


Here you can read more about how to apply for DocCelerator.

Photos from documenary projects selected for some of the previous 17 editions of DocCelerator.



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