DocCelerator GOES D-WORD


DocCelerator GOES D-WORD

The DocCelerator workshop series is partnering with The D-Word for two special discounted versions of DocCeleratorStory. One is for D-Word members living in North and South America, the other for those D-Word members preferring a European working time. The deadline to apply is December 17, 2021.


These two special editions of DocCeleratorStory are exclusively available to D-Word members. To celebrate our collaboration all D-Word members get a special USD 100 discount for the workshops.


Aimed at directors and producers, DocCeleratorStory is an acclaimed 2-day online workshop that will bring real clarity to your documentary story, enable you to fully realise the dramatic and emotional potential in your ideas. In addition, it will save you money by avoiding needless shooting and unfocused editing. 


The two special D-Word editions are planned for: 

January 18-19, 2022: this workshop is for the North and South American D-Word members, and starts at 9am Pacific Standard Time (US West Coast).


January 20-21, 2022: this workshop is for D-Word members preferring a European time zone, and starts at 9am Central European Time (Paris, Berlin, Rome).


Deadline to apply for these two special D-Word editions of DocCeleratorStory is December 17, 2021. 

For full details and how to apply go to:

The D-Word is a peer-to-peer global community that helps documentary professionals. Through its online and offline programs and tools, The D-Word provides spaces for professional development, information sharing, and relationship building among documentary professionals.

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