BIG DEMAND FOR DocCeleratorRoughCut


BIG DEMAND FOR DocCeleratorRoughCut

Paradiddle Pictures have once again seen a big demand for one of the workshops in the DocCelerator series. To meet the big demand an extra DocCeleratorRoughCut workshop is set up at the end of May.


This Spring a number of new versions of the popular workshop format DocCelerator were launched. Among them is the DocCeleratorRoughCut, which helps documentary filmmakers define the structural narrative of rough cuts and create the right audience and distribution strategies.


To meet the big demand for the DocCeleratorRoughCut format, an extra version of the workshop has been set up. In addition to the originally planned workshop on May 10-11, there will be one more workshop held on May 26-27.


Here are the project teams that were selected for the participation in the workshop on May 10-11:

My Funny Quarantine: Producer Mario Adamson, Director & Producer Sebastiano Luca Insinga and Editor Gabriele Borghi, Sweden and Italy

I Dream in Photos: Producers and Directors Gary Lennon and Ollie Aslin, Ireland

Hear, Eat, Home: Director Hsuan Yu Pan and Associate Producer Nicky Ruan, USA

Another Day in Paradise: Co-directors Erin Brethauer and Tim Hussin, USA.


For the extra DocCeleratorRoughCutr workshop on May 26-27 the following teams are selected:

Scrap: Director Stacey Tanenbaum and Editor Howard Goldberg, Canada

Gunnar goes Love: Producer Ingrid Galadriel Aune Falch and Director Gunnar Hall Jensen, Norway

Requiem to Hot Days of Summer: Producer Angelos Tsaousis, Producer Tamta Tvalavadze and Director Giorgi Parkosadza, Greece and Georgia

Waters of Babylon: Director Berfi Dicle Öğüt, Turkey. 


Soon new dates and deadlines will be announced for the Fall season of the DocCelerator workshop series.

Photo from the project My Funny Quarantine - taking part in DocCeleratorRoughCut



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