Beldocs Kids & Youth call for projects


Beldocs Kids & Youth call for projects

The Beldocs Documentaries for Kids & Youth Development Workshop is calling for projects. This 2-day development workshop about documentaries for younger audiences is programmed and conducted in collaboration between Beldocs and Paradiddle Pictures.

The deadline for applying has been extended until March 15, 2020.

The workshop will have an intimate setting with the teams connected to six selected projects currently in development. All projects applying should have a focus on younger audiences as their target. The short-term goal is to strengthen the quality of concrete projects and provide the teams with the best possible route for international funding and distribution. The long-term goal is to educate leading creators to better navigate the international market for kids and youth documentaries.

The workshop will also accept a number of participants without a project. They can take part in the whole workshop day and gain knowledge from the discussions. Only difference is not having their own project developed.

The 1-day workshop is accompanied by a full day of seminar intended as inspiration for both creators, funders, broadcasters, distributors and curators of documentaries. This first day can have many participants and will approach the subject matter from a broad perspective. The aim is to inspire, encourage and motivate all sides of the documentary sector to strengthen the quality of documentaries for younger audiences. Not only in terms of the content but also in the ways of engaging and reaching this audience segment.

The 2-day seminar and workshop will take place in Belgrade in May 2020. The main tutor at the workshop is Ove Rishøj Jensen, Documentary Film & Media Consultant, Denmark. Other international experts will be part of the tutor team.

Here you can read about how to apply for The Beldocs Documentaries for Kids & Youth Development Workshop.



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