DocCelerator has again proven to be a workshop format with a big demand from documentary makers. For the second time two editions have been scheduled instead of the originally planned single workshop.


What was originally scheduled to be the fifth edition of DocCelerator in early November has evolved into the fifth and sixth editions of the workshop. They are taking place on November 5-6 and November 9-10, with a total of ten selected teams participating.


The projects selected for these two DocCelerator workshop spans a great variety in filmic approaches and themes, from the very intimate personal to the public political, from very local to truly global. The project teams selected are:


DocCelerator5, November 5-6, 2020

The Floating World. Director, Fernando Souza, Spain

Up in the Air. Director Oksana Syhareva. Producer Anna Kapustina, Ukraine

Night Gardener. Director Dan Gough. Producer Anne Milne, Scotland

God Overestimated Me. Director Youlian Tabakov. Producer Mario Adamson, Sweden

Snowball Effect. Director Pauliina Punkki. Producers Kaisa "Kaika" Astikainen & Pauliina Punkki, Finland

DocCelerator6, November 9-10, 2020

Manman Makaya. Directors Miquel Ardèvol & Eric de Gispert. Producer Younès Karroum, Spain

Final Diary. Directors Èrika Sánchez & Ariadna Pujol, Spain

Masha. Director Giedrė Žickytė. Christine Le Goff, France

The Promise Pitch. Director Ciaran Tanham. Producer Emma Owen, Ireland

Anonymous Project, Belarus.


DocCelerator is a documentary training initiative launched by Paradiddle Pictures, providing documentary makers detailed feedback on the narrative construction of their film. This includes building stronger character development, defining solid narrative arcs and structuring dramatic development.


DocCelerator will save selected participants many hours of working and much money in production expenses. With a more focused narrative structure, it will save hours of recordings not fitting to the film and many days of expensive editing.

The essence of DocCelerator is to invest in the development in order to save on the production. The workshop is run by Geoffrey Smith and Ove Rishøj Jensen.


Here you can read further details about DocCelerator.

Photo from Snowball Effect by Pauliina Punkki. 

Photo from The Floating World by Fernando Souza. 

DocCelerator is run by Geoffrey Smith and Ove Rishøj Jensen



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